Inland Empire Institute of Martial Arts 

I.E.I.M.A. was started originally as South Hills Academy of Martial Arts getting it's origins from the name of our first home; South Hills Presbyterian Church in Pomona California. In 2002, Sensei Omar Muhammad was given the responsibility by Grandmaster Robert Temple and Senior Grandmaster Bishop Donnie Williams to start producing warriors. At the time Sensei was living in The City of Pomona and he saw a need in the community for a program that would keep young souls off the streets and into something positive and productive. Sensei was introduced to the pastor of South Hills Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dwight Peace and the elders of the church. He was given permission to use their multipurpose room to bring the teachings of the Black Karate Federation to South Pomona. 

Sensei Omar remained at South Hills, until 2008 when the C.O.O. of the Boys & Girls Club of San Bernardino, A. Majadi (and member of the BKF under Darryl "DJ" Jones), reached out to him about bringing the BKF to the Inland Empire area of San Bernardino. Due to changes happening at South Hills Presbyterian and the leaving of Pastor Peace, Sensei Omar took Mr. Majadi up on his offer and moved his class to the Boys & Girls Club where he taught from 2008 until 2013. During the time at the B&G Club the name was changed to The Inland Empire Institute of Martial Arts (I.E.I.M.A. pronounced "I'm a", as in, "I'm a warrior for Life"). This is where we get our motto "Producing Warriors not just in Martial Arts, but in Life". 

In 2014, we found our new home with the City of San Bernardino Parks & Recreation at the Rudy Hernandez Community Center.

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